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Formwork Girder

VT 20K Formwork Girder

The cost-effective solid web girder

The PERI VT 20K is the cost-effective, 20 cm high solid web girder. Robust steel caps on the ends of the chords along with the concave web end provide reliable protection against damage. The 8 cm wide chords also provide sufficient width for plywood joints.

With steel caps on the chord ends and concave web ends

Dimensionally stable
With chords made of high-quality softwood and highly compressed web board with a high proportion of synthetic resin

Used cost-effectively for many applications

Technical Details

  • Universal wooden formwork girder with a 20 cm overall height, optimized for use in slab formwork operations, cost-effective use also for special solutions
  • 11 lengths from 1.45 m to 5.90 m
  • Weight: 5.90 kg/m
  • Permissible bearing force: 11.00 kN
  • Permissible bending moment: 5.00 kNm
  • Bending stiffness:
    EIx = 460 kNm²
    Ix = 4.181 cm4

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