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Warsaw Spire, Poland

Project data

Location: Warsaw, Poland

  • 220 m high office tower (including antennas) – highest office building in Poland after completion
  • 47 floors, each 2.70 m high - in addition, underground garage with 5 levels
  • challenging architecture with oval ground plans which vary from floor to floor
  • building complex is complemented by 2 separate office blocks, each 55 m high


  • compliance with a very tight construction schedule
  • high level of safety for construction operations in particular in the form of an all-round enclosure for the office tower
  • efficient self-climbing solution for the core of the office tower
  • lightweight slab formwork with the possibility of early striking
  • access to the top floors of the office tower each time – regardless of the progress made assembling the pre-fabricated stair elements in the building


Monting Sp. z o.o., Warsaw, Poland

Customer's benefit

  • high level of safety for site personnel in all situations
  • fast construction progress for all 3 structures of the building complex, in particular through the self-climbing solution for the building´s core  and the panel slab formwork with drop head
  • minimization of on-site material requirements and crane time
Warsaw Spire Statement - Ryszard Dabek, Project Manager
Ryszard Dąbek
Project Manager

When choosing the right formwork partner, the key factor that clinched the decision was the fact PERI could show us that they had had special experience in the construction of high-rise buildings. As with previous projects, the PERI specialists constructively solved all technical issues together with our engineers on site. Also in this project, it confirmed once again that the know-how of the supplier, in particular for hydraulic climbing formwork,  has a decisive influence on the successful completion of the project. Long before construction began, we developed an efficient and customized formwork solution together with the planners, contractor and formwork supplier. The experience of PERI has helped us to maintain the tight construction schedule.

PERI solution

  • optimally-adapted ACS self-climbing solution for the core of the office tower
  • climbing protection panel with mobile self-climbing hydraulic units, easily adjustable to suit the changing geometries of each floor, with sufficient working space for pre-stressing the floor slabs
  • RCS landing platform, combined with a supporting VARIOKIT construction for realizing external access points to the building for the height of 4 and 6 floors
  • development of an efficient formwork solution for all walls, columns and floor slabs