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Tsueng Kwan O - Lam Tin Tunnel Main Tunnel

Project data

Location: Hong Kong, Hong Kong

PERI designed and delivered the VARIOKIT tunnel system for a mining tunnel with a pouring height of 8.2 m and a pouring length of around 11 m.

The well-designed single-sided wall formwork can be moved to the next pour by wheels conveniently.


  • Tunnel formwork that allows high pouring
  • Conveniently transport the formwork system


Leighton-China State Joint Venture

Customer's benefit

  • Wide range of component options for customisation
  • The system can be moved conveniently with as it is equipped with wheels

PERI solution

  • VARIOKIT Tunnel Carriage has various equipment combinations to fit the customer's requirement
  • Simple shuttering and striking operations
  • Easy positioning of the formwork carriage, as well as flexible options for moving procedures

PERI systems in use