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PERI UP Modular Scaffold


The highly flexible scaffold system PERI UP Flex leaves almost no request unfulfilled especially for industrial applications. This allows almost any adjustments to be made to suit local site conditions and also fulfills the highest requirements regarding occupational safety for the working areas to be realized.

PERI UP Flex has a grid system of 25 cm and 50 cm. The wide range of ledgers and decks with different lengths starting from 25 cm allow decking to change direction during installation and therefore ensure maximum adaptability to suit project-specific geometries. PERI UP Flex meets the requirements of the European standards EN 12810 and EN 12811

As flexible as tube/coupler scaffolding
Safe working conditions 

Working platforms are completely covered without any gaps and simple conversions are made to accommodate any obstructions

The perforated surface of the decking provides a high level of safety

Easy to install 
Quickly and safely mounted with the “gravity lock” and self-locking decks

High load-bearing capacity 
Due to the special node rigidity and enormous loadability of the connection



 PERI UP Assembly Instruction

 PERI UP Product Brochure

 Scaffolding Technology, Technology Manual


Technical Details

Brief description

  • Flexible modular scaffolding system with connecting possibilities on standards every 50 cm. All components with grid dimensions of 25 or 50 cm allow any combination.

Safe and fast assembly

  • Assembled with ledger in advance
  • Integrated lock against lifting
  • Gravity Lock secures ledger immediately when inserted into Rosett
  • Rectangular Rosett prevents rolling away

Load classes/ associated deck length

  • Width 75cm: 1 up to 4
  • Width 100cm: 1 up to 6
  • Width 125cm: 1 up to 4
  • Steel deck 25x250 cm ≤ 5
  • Steel deck 25x300 cm ≤ 4


  • Standard 2,0 m: 10,0 kg
  • Ledger 3,0 m: 8,7 kg
  • Steel deck 25x250 cm: 15,0 kg
  • Steel deck 25x300 cm: 17,8 kg

Adjustment to the building

  • Ledger-to-ledger and standard-to ledger connections allow the same flexibility as with tube and coupler scaffolding
  • Any kind of solution possible due to flexible grid dimensions


  • Two ledgers can be carried in each hand

Connection Possibilities

  • Metric grid dimensions every 25 cm
  • Nodes every 50 cm
  • 12 connections for ledgers and diagonals

Offered Services

  • Scaffold is also rentable on a worldwide basis
  • Supervisor Technical support for projects

As Scaffold Facade

PERI UP as façade scaffold
The flexibility of the PERI UP scaffold allows a range of widths which are adapted to the respective requirements of the user. With few additional components such as console brackets or strengthened ledgers, complicated facade geometries can also be easily scaffolded.

The modular working scaffold PERI UP is suitable for all kinds of applications up to load class 6. It meets the requirements of the European standards EN 12810 and EN 12811

Brief description
Working scaffold made of parts from Rosett modular scaffolding system for various widths with a non-slip steel decking directly mounted to ledgers!

Safe and fast assembly
Assembled with guardrail in advance and Guardrail Coupler UPW or ledger in advance

Width 100cm: 17,5 – 19,0 kg/m²

Assembly Performance
Assembly:  width 100cm: 7 - 10 m² per man hour
Dismantling:  width 100cm: 11 - 16 m² per man hour

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