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Planning made easy, QuickSolve your project now.

Oct 15, 2021

Planning Made Easy

QuickSolve your project now.

Being one of the world’s leading manufacturers of formwork and scaffolding systems, PERI is constantly developing and improving our products and services. PERI QuickSolve is a quick and easy application for planning simple layouts. You can enter the ground plans of your construction project and create balanced cycles using the cycle overview.

The formwork solution is created from your inventory or you can simply use the application’s optimized suggestions. Parts lists suitable for the construction site can be exported just as easily as 2D and 3D views of the solutions. Whether you are in the office or on site, you can access PERI QuickSolve 365 days a year. The software can be accessed easily online, from any location, and without having to install anything.

Contact us now to grant access to the application!

作為世界領先的模板和腳手架系統製造商之一,PERI 不斷開發和改進我們的產品和服務。 PERI QuickSolve 是用於規劃簡單設計的快速簡便的應用程序。您可以輸入建築項目的平面圖並使用周期概覽創建平衡週期。

模板解決方案可以是從您的庫存中創建的,您亦可以簡單地使用應用程序的優化建議。適用於施工現場的零件清單可以以用像 2D 和 3D 視圖一樣輕鬆的解決方案導出。無論您是在辦公室還是在現場,您都可以一年 365 天訪問 PERI QuickSolve。該軟件可以從任何地方輕鬆在線訪問,無需安裝任何東西。