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HANDSET Alpha Panel Formwork


HANDSET Alpha has been designed for an intensive use on your construction site to build walls, foundations and columns when usage of crane is limited. The system comes with a competitive price and very high performance. Thanks to the robust and ingenious design, it is easy to use, resulting in the reduction of errors. Plus: hassle-free working on site can cut your costs significantly.

due to an affordable price, optimized panel sizes and crane-free handling.

Easy handling – less errors
thanks to an intuitive system with minimal training effort, unique panel connections and high allowable concrete pressure.

through a robust and ingenious design that reduces damages, maintenance effort and material loss.



 HANDSET Alpha Assembly Instruction

 HANDSET Alpha Product Flyer

Advantages at a glance

  • Panels with a height of 150 cm can be operated by just 2 people
  • Highest flexibility through multi-purpose panels
  • Less errors and lost material thanks to intuitive handling and few components
  • Reduced repair costs: robust design and high concrete pressure
  • Efficient work flow and less timber wastage thanks to reusable high-quality panels

Technical Details

  • Panel width: 0.3 m, 0.6 m and 0.9 m
  • Panel height: 1.5 m and 3.0 m
  • Robust powder coated steel panels with an average weight of 34,5 kg/m²
  • Concrete pressure of 60 kN/m² in wall and 75 kN/m² in column applications
  • According to individual needs on the construction site, alignment coupler and wedge clip are available to connect panels
  • Integrated handles and brace connector

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