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ALPHAKIT Construction Kit


ALPHAKIT is the new construction kit for shoring solutions for bridges up to 25 m height and span. The system features few lightweight individual components and quick-connect fitting pins.

Easy pre-assembly without a crane
with easy to handle, lightweight individual components

Fast assembly
due to high load-bearing fasteners with only 2 fitting pins per connection.

Only few components
with variable application make the system simple and cost-efficient

Shoring Tower

ALPHAKIT Shoring Tower can carry heavy loads from formwork, in-situ concrete bridges and temporary supports for components. Vertical loads up to 300kN per leeg are allowed.

Shuttering and striking under load is possible with the Hydraulic Unit HD.

Areas of use of ALPHAKIT Shoring Towers

  • Tower heights continously variable from 12.00 m to 25.00 m
  • Shuttering and striking under load with the mobile hydraulic unit HD
  • Height adjustments +/- 75 mm with the head spindle

Permissible vertical loads

  • approx. 240kN/leg with 24 m tower height and 1.50 m x 1.50 m tower ground plan
  • approx. 270kN/leg with 24 m tower height and 2.00 m x 2.00 m tower ground plan
  • approx. 300kN/leg with 24 m tower height and 2.50 m x 2.50 m tower ground plan

Truss Girders

ALPHAKIT Truss Girder serves to transfer loads from in-situ concrete or prefabricated components in bridge construction.

In addition, temporary spans can be carried out in industrial construction.

System dimensions

  • For span widths up to 25 m
  • Realisable in 1.00 m steps
  • Perm. moment of bending of a girder package: 800kN

Pedestrian Bridge

The ALPHAKIT Pedestrian Bridge serves as temporary shoring for allowing pedestrians to cross an obstruction.

System dimensions

  • Max. length single span: 35 m
  • Standard width: 1.5 m
  • Standard height: 2.5 m (constructively)