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PERI's Technical Prowess Drives Success of Black Point Power Station D2 Project

Aug 14, 2023

Black Point Power Station D2, Hong Kong

The Black Point Power Station is one of the world's largest combined cycle gas-fired power stations and has been serving Hong Kong since 1996. Over decades, it has been upgraded multiple times with the latest one being the D2 unit. PERI designed and supplied shoring and scaffolding solutions for the large-scale industrial project located in Lung Kwu Tan, New Territories.

For a Better Future
Since its establishment, it has continued to improve its emissions performance by optimising its fuel mix, installing emission-reduction facilities, and enhancing plant efficiency. Two new gas-fired generation units were to be built to meet the demands of continuing social and economic development while reaching the Government’s target of increasing gas-fired generation to around half of the total fuel mix. The first new unit D1 went into operation in 2020 while the second new unit D2 is expected to go into service by the end of 2023 as part of an ongoing programme to phase out the remaining coal-fired capacity at Castle Peak A Power Station.

Helping Our Client with the Strong Technical Background
PERI has been tasked to provide various solutions due to our strong technical background, which they believe only PERI can deliver such solutions despite any project requirements. We came up with a solution with a combination of PERI UP Scaffold, HDS Heavy-duty Shoring, and ALPHAKIT.

Fast Assembly Systems for the Tight Timeline 
Our engineering team worked out an optimal solution with a wide range of PERI products: PERI UP for the scaffolding, HDS for the shoring, and ALPHAKIT for the truss. All three systems are known for their ability to assemble quickly and easily.

"PERI HDS is a fast assembly tower and it is very suitable for our fast-paced project." Said Jacky Goh, Civil Engineer of Siemens Energy. HDS Heavy-duty Shoring is one of our latest modular systems specially designed for pre-cast segmental bridges. It facilitates total cost reductions for heavy-duty applications and provides a simple easy use that suit to the required tower height through its Screw Jack and endplate adjustment.

PERI UP Scaffold is highly flexible and can be used for almost any site condition. It has a grid system of 25 cm and 50 cm. The wide range of ledgers and decks with different lengths starting from 25 cm allow the decking to change direction during installation and therefore ensure maximum adaptability to suit project-specific geometries.

The truss was built with the ALPHAKIT system, which is a lightweight truss system that requires no crane for pre-assembling the towers and girder packages. Assembly can be carried out only by hand thanks to the light and ergonomic system components.

PERI's solutions for the Black Point Power Station D2 project are designed to meet the highest standards of safety and efficiency, while also providing cost-effective solutions that help to streamline construction timelines.

Flexibility and Cost-effectiveness
In addition to the marvelous design of our systems, all three systems being used in the project are rentable which provides our customers with great flexibility. You can rent or purchase our systems according to your needs and requirements while being able to receive the same first-class service from our engineering and customer service. We design and deliver the most suitable solutions corresponding to your timeline and site conditions.

Optimise Your Project with Our Solutions
For over 50 years, PERI strives to provide the most efficient and cost-effective solutions for our clients. With over 2,000 engineers and more than 9,100 working in 65+ subsidiaries, we are determined to provide the best service to our customers and are well-positioned to provide innovative solutions for even the most complex construction projects. The company's commitment to continuous innovation and customer service has made it a trusted partner for construction companies around the world.

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